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Have you ever spotted an actor on screen and thought that you could do their job? Just remembering a few lines every night and reading them out whilst pretending to be someone you’re not sounds pretty simple, right?

Of course there is much more to acting than simply doing the above. Acting is an extremely competitive industry and it can feel impossible to finally make the breakthrough. Despite this, your ideal role might be waiting for you. We are all unique and your looks, personality or physique might be ideal for a new part being cast, waiting just around the corner!

We at The Citizen Guide provide coaching from actors to actors. As longstanding members of the industry, we understand what it takes to really make it.

Here are our tips on how you can make the breakthrough:


Work out your ‘type’

When you are scouring the TV, you are sure to see characters that you think you could play. Have you ever realised that these characters all tend to be a certain type, playing a certain role? Work out what your ideal role is and practice. Once you have established the ideal part for you, you could subconsciously ‘mould’ yourself into that role and when the audition comes around, you will be ready to nail it!


Look the part

As an actor, your individuality will be your calling card. For some auditions, it can be worth splashing out that little bit extra on clothes and appearance. Some parts may even require a complete transformation. In most cases, good make up does wonders but if you are considering a more substantial cosmetic procedure such as tattoo removal, always ensure you use a high quality laser tattoo removal machine and check with your production team to see what costs you can recover.


Get yourself out there

It is now easier than ever to market yourself in public. The internet provides a valuable platform for showcasing your ability. Many sites allow you to set up a free profile, enabling you to produce videos. Elsewhere, YouTube has also been a useful platform for millions of people around the world.



As is the case in so many organisations, making it in the industry is as much about who you know as what you know (or what you can do). Try and persuade your way into the minds of the people high up in the industry and when the ideal role becomes available, perhaps it will be you who they choose to call. If you require any tips on networking, one way is to model yourself on the types of people who feel and act relaxed when making friends. Copy their traits and actions, and it is sure to get easier.


The audition process

If you have been asked to audition for a part, then congratulations! This is the first step on the road to stardom. Even if you don’t get the part, don’t see it as failure, simply one step closer to achieving your dreams. Treat auditions as work, and try and enjoy them as much as possible.



A New York native, Anna attended Central School of Speech and Drama in London, UK before relocating to Hollywood. As our main acting coach, Anna has over 30 years' experience both infront of and behind the camera.

Anna is the official representative for our sponsors We Heart Nails


Julia has been involved in theatre for over 5 years, performing on Broadway in the Lion King and Little Women. A veteran of Broadway, Julia brings invaluable expertise and experience to the team.

Julia is the spokesperson for our principal sponsor Zarax.


Amanda started off as an actor, before branching off into writing and directing. She has years of experience as a casting director, which means that she can help actors discover and refine their ideal casting profiles.


When you are scouring the TV, you are sure to see characters that you think you could play. Have you ever realised that these characters all tend to be a certain type, playing a certain role?