Born to act: Tell-tale signs that acting is the only profession for you

How does an actor or actress regard their choice of vocation? Is it simply a means of paying the bills? Is it a pastime that somehow became serious? If you are unsure of how suited you are to the acting profession, some aspects of your personality (or your childhood personality) possibly hint at what you have, or could, become.

Read on to see if any of the traits ring true for you.


Childhood plays

When you were a child, did you love to act? Many children enjoy performing plays, but were you the one who wrote, directed and played the lead role in your creation?


Day to day tasks

When you do general cleaning and mop the kitchen floor, do you mop the kitchen floor? Or do you dance around the mop, singing and sliding along the surface as though you are centre stage at a theatre, or a music festival? If you use your theatrically perform the standard, routine jobs – this is a sure sign that you were born to perform!


Regular jobs

Have you ever tried working in an office, but were put off by the dull surroundings and 9-5 routine? Have you ever sat behind a desk imagining that you were on stage or on the television? Ok, this might be true for many of us, but if you simply cannot stick routine work and even if you are there, you aren’t really there, maybe you were born for something else.


The crowd

Do you regularly have the feeling that your ‘face doesn’t fit’ when you are sat with a group of people? Do you care? If not, then this could be another clue that you belong elsewhere! If your outgoing personality is too much for the crowd you are with – maybe it would be better suited to an acting role and a crowd of fellow thespians.

If you recognise any of these in your personality and you would love to give it a try, click here to get in touch with one of our agents and arrange your first mentoring session.



A New York native, Anna attended Central School of Speech and Drama in London, UK before relocating to Hollywood. As our main acting coach, Anna has over 30 years' experience both infront of and behind the camera.


Julia has been involved in theatre for over 5 years, performing on Broadway in the Lion King and Little Women. A veteran of Broadway, Julia brings invaluable expertise and experience to the team.


Amanda started off as an actor, before branching off into writing and directing. She has years of experience as a casting director, which means that she can help actors discover and refine their ideal casting profiles.


When you are scouring the TV, you are sure to see characters that you think you could play. Have you ever realised that these characters all tend to be a certain type, playing a certain role?